Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gembridge®?

Gembridge® is a regulated marketplace committed to unlocking the true value of certified gemstones, pearls and jewellery for a verified community of buyers, sellers and consignees. Members who have submitted to the verification process can trade with trust. Independently certified gemstones can be bought and sold via a secure and insured door-to-door service. Gembridge® manages counterparty risks and delivers up to 70% reduction in transaction costs. We aim to be compliant with regulations of NGOs and laws of enforcement agencies.

Why should I feel I can trade with trust on Gembridge®?

Every member of the Gembridge® trading community is verified. Payment is held and only released after articles are recertified before shipping.

How do I register?

Visit GEMBRIDGE.COM, tap the REGISTER button, fill out the online form, upload the required documents and agree to our Terms & Conditions to complete registration.

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway securely authorises and processes payments between buyers and sellers.

Do you have a returns policy?

Articles can be returned if you use our secure viewing room service via Brink’s or choose our consignment service; however, direct trades are final.

Are my stones and jewellery insured?

Jewellers’ Blocks insure your articles at our Global Hubs. Brink’s, or your preferred courier service, must insure the shipment. Only Brink’s can ship to and insure our secure viewing room service.

How does Gembridge® verify its clients?

Gembridge® screens company and individual details through millions of records from global sanctions, anti-money laundering and terrorist financing watchlists, as well as checking for Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and adverse media.

What does a 'verified community' mean?

Whether you’re buying, selling or consigning, Gembridge® effectively ensures that every Gembridge® member you trade with has passed through our verification process and is a trusted partner with whom you can trade freely. We are planning to introduce many new services, such as trade financing, which is far easier within a verified community.

What's the easiest way to list on Gembridge®?

Tap the SELL button and simply upload a description, supporting certification reports and imagery to start selling directly to buyers.

Can I use my own secure courier?

You are welcome to use your preferred courier service or Gembridge®’s service, via Brink’s.

What does being a regulated trading platform mean?

Gembridge® is licensed to operate by Singapore’s Precious Stones and Precious Metals Act 2019, which establishes a regulatory regime for Precious Stones and Metal Dealers and Traders, enforced by the Ministry of Law. Gembridge® is audited for compliance.

Can I view items in person?

Buyers can request a viewing at their local Brink’s office, paying market rates for the shipment and secure viewing room. On acceptance, payment is made through the gateway. Should the buyer reject the articles, the seller pays the shipment costs back to the Global Hub. Brink’s must handle the shipping from our Global Hubs to maintain chain of custody.

How much will you charge me?

Gembridge® charges 5% sales commission for sellers and 3% sales commission for buyers. Gembridge® charges market rates for certification, recertification, secure courier services, secure viewing room facilities and insurance.

Can I list my stones and jewellery on Gembridge® with their certification reports?

Yes, as long as the certifications have been issued by a reputable lab. Once sold, we recertify your articles before final shipping to the buyer to ensure articles match their certificates.

Can I list items on Gembridge® and still show them to my clients?

Yes. To list you just need to upload video, a short description and relevant certificates.

If I wish to withdraw my listing will there be a penalty?

No, there is no charge to take down unsold listings.

Who pays for the secure transportation when gems are sold?

In the world of remote purchasing, Gembridge® believes that the cost of sales should be shared between buyers and sellers. Transportation to our Global Hubs is borne by the seller; from the Hubs, by the buyer.

Can you hold stock?

Yes, Gembridge® is able to hold stock at our Global Hubs via consignment.

Can I place my goods on consignment with another client?

Yes, we just require additional information from the consignee about their insurance, security arrangements and financial health. If additional insurance is required, Gembridge® can assist.

Can I send gems in batches?

Yes, absolutely.

When is payment made for articles and services?

Articles purchased are settled immediately, while services are billed on a 30 day account.

Is Gembridge® a licensed company?

Yes, Gembridge® is incorporated in Singapore and holds a Precious Stones and Precious Metal Dealing and Trading License, issued by the Singapore Government.

Are Bangkok and Bahrain going to be your only global hubs?

No, we now have hubs in Geneva. New York, São Paulo, Bogota, Beirut, Jaipur, Bangkok – soon to come Hong Kong, London and Colombo for members who require our proprietary imaging service and recertification.

Will Gembridge® offer B2B and P2P trades?

Yes, the intention is to roll this functionality out progressively in the near future.