How It Works For Buyers

Here are a few simple steps to make any purchase on Gembridge.Learn more about Gembridge

Start by creating your Gembridge Account

To join Gembridge, simply register by clicking CREATE AN ACCOUNT below. New members are verified through our international KYC screening process and, for Trade Members, a Gembridge community peer review.
Step One

Search for your perfect stone now

Anyone can view listings on Gembridge, but you must register to see prices.
Step Two

Create your Gembridge account

Simply register and submit your details. Membership is free. All Members are verified through our international KYC screening process, and Trade Members are peer-reviewed by the Gembridge community. Friends of Gembridge can start buying instantly.
Step Three

Make your purchase

To purchase a stone, click on a listing, add to cart and proceed to checkout. You can choose to pay by bank transfer, or by credit card or PayPal. Agree to the terms and conditions and place the order. Then, choose your shipping method - we currently offer US$ 100 flat rate shipping to anywhere in the world for stones valued under US$50,000. You will receive an email notification of your purchase and the Gembridge membership team will be in contact.
Step Four


Most Trade Sellers on Gembridge are open to negotiation. Simply click the Make an Offer button and follow the prompts. Gembridge will intermediate and find a price acceptable to both parties.
Step Five

Need additional verification?

Buyers can arrange to have any purchase verified at a Gembridge Hub or accredited lab partner. This will ensure that the stone or jewellery shipped matches the cataloguing on the listing, for a nominal fee.
Step Six

Payment to Seller

Payment is only released to the Seller 72 hours after delivery. If your purchase does not match its cataloguing, please contact us within this time frame. Gembridge charges Buyers and Sellers commission, which is included in the gross price listed. Secure viewing rooms and other services can also be arranged, and a Gembridge escrow account is available for high-value purchases.

We look forward to you trading with trust.

Gembridge releases the proceeds of sale to the Seller, minus sales commission.

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Other things to remember.

Secure Viewing and Consignment

Secure viewing and consignment are available for selected gemstones and jewellery.