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30.52 ct

SpeciesTourmaline: Rubellite
TypeSingle Stone
Weight30.52 cts
ClaritySome inclusion(s)
Measurements20.10 x 18.50 x 12.00
ReportGembridge Report
Lot Number2479
PriceUSD 5,140
Per CaratUSD 168

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The red or pink variety of elbaite tourmaline, named from the Latin, meaning ‘reddish’. A very popular gem as a less expensive alternative to ruby, it also comes in much larger and often cleaner specimens. Brazil is the world’s largest producer of rubellite, and today there are also several important African sources. Rubellite can be safely and stably irradiated to intensify the red colour. As this treatment cannot be detected, it should be assumed that most rubellites are treated.

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